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Nov 15 - a little slice of heaven...

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Feb. 11th, 2008 | 08:53 am
posted by: mishakitty78 in team_nell

Brian at lunch
Originally uploaded by mishakitty78

we really didn't want to leave ocean expo park, but we were both getting really, really tired/hungry. unfortunately, we quickly discovered, that this north-western point of the island didn't have much in the way of food. it wasn't like home, where every four feet there's a mcdonalds or even a convienence store. when we left the park and started heading out on the loop road that would (we hoped) eventually get us back to the hotel it became clear that we were driving *away* from most of the food prospects.

coming around a corner, though, with mountainous terrain to our right and sparkling blue sea to our left was a little wooden sign that said: natural cafe 2 km. we figured we'd give it a shot since there wasn't much else to try. we followed a few more handmade signs up a definitely-too-thin-for-more-than-one-car road, traveling up a small mountain to find the most unique dining experience in this island paradise.

the natural cafe was a small little building that seemed plucked out of my new college experience. a pathway made of shells, tiles, and bits of broken brick led to the front door, weaving a curving trail. inside the borders of the path the artist had created a plethora of sealife: shrimp, crabs, and fish swam along the ground. there was a beautiful little garden and interesting odd little sculptures everywhere.

the inside was just as charming as the out: there were a few tables (we chose to sit at this long bar-type thing under the windows, providing an absolutely breath-taking view of the water and nearby islands). there were bookshelves crammed into one corner with all sorts of handmade artsy goods and a small table of books for you to read while you waited.

the food, too, was amazing. there wasn't anything vegetarian on the menu but we were able to somehow communicate our needs and wound up with the most amazing grilled cheese with salsa and beands hot pocket sort of sandwhich and a llittle raspberry mango sorbet side dish. sheer yumminess!

it was wonderful to sit up there on that mountain, enjoy the view, cuddle with brian, and relish the fact that we'd stumbled across such an interesting place. once again, on this trip, we are blessed with a nifty little occurance. wonderful!

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