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Nov 15 -Okinawan Village

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Feb. 7th, 2008 | 08:54 pm
posted by: mishakitty78 in team_nell

Ancient Farmhouse
Originally uploaded by mishakitty78

Bellies growling, we just couldn't leave the park yet. there were still so many attractions to explore but as our energy was fading we decided to settle on one more: the okinawan historical village.

or, well, the reproduction of it.

a fascinating place in terms of interpretive work. this recreation was quite large, with about 20 small buildings faithfully built in the old manners. there was signage, too, and buttons you could push with a soundtrack that told you what you were seeing (luckily in both english and japanese). there were people there re-enacting the traditional activities, too, but of course we weren't able to understand much ;)

the photo here is one of the older styles of building, where they bundled bamboo together so tightly that the walls were water-tight. the floor was made of bamboo mats and the roof was hatched. what an incredible way to live!

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